By: Alyssa Hui (Reporter) and William Kenneally (Photojournalist)

 “I think it’s just exciting. It’s exhilarating. And I love it,” Lena Vincent, member of the UW Polo team said. 

It’s a sport that no one really talks about, but students like Lena Vincent find the sport fun, energizing, and unique.

“I think there’s just so many variables there. The horses are your teammates, there’s the ball, there’s the mallet, there’s the space you’re in,” Vincent said. 

The sport is also fast-paced with a lot of rules as the manager of the team explains.

“Bumps should not be face to face, they should be shoulder to shoulder,” Amy James said.

Beyond the rules, winning competitions is about joint effort.

It’s not you just trying to win it. You’re trying to like work together as a team and make a goal as a team,” Lindsey Samuelsen, barn and tech manager said. 

Polo is about making sure everyone on the team is prepared.

“I think what struck me about this community so far is basically how everyone is just so invested in the horses and making sure that they’re happy. Because like I said, they’re an integral part of the team,” Vincent said. 

Other members say working with the horses requires patience and commitment.

“You can’t just say, I don’t feel like practicing this week or it’s too cold out because they need us and they need us to take care of them,” James said. 

James hopes the team continues to grow and expand so they can host competitions in the near future.

For the Badger Report, I’m Alyssa Hui.

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