Visit almost any UW building— Union South, Memorial Union, Vilas Hall, and even College Library– and you’ll likely find a big commonality: student employees.

Soundbite: “We depend on students to run our operations, and so we kind of fill in everywhere we can with students”

Super: Jennifer Brown, Student Recruiting Advisor

Jennifer Brown works with the Wisconsin Union to recruit student workers, something that’s proved difficult.

Soundbite: So currently, yes, the university as a whole is having a problem with shortage of student employees”

To remedy that, Brown and the Union are trying to highlight the benefits of working within the University.

Things like discounts, free meal coupons and life-long skills are what Brown cites as student employee perks.

On the student side, employees come from all over, for different reasons. 

Open Book Cafe employee Leah Terry is finishing up her first semester at UW, and decided to get a job from the very beginning for monetary benefits.

Soundbite: “The financial aspect of like, I want to be able to continue to add to savings”

Super: Leah Terry, student employee

Esther Theisen is a grad student in the Information School, and says that working in the Journalism Reading Room offers the flexibility she needs with her busy schedule.

Soundbite: “I can do my homework, i can get paid to help other people with their homework— but mostly I can do mine!” 

Super: Esther Theisen, student employee

With over 1,500 student employees, the flexibility and benefits are highly appreciated. For the Badger Report, I’m Ellie Spadaccini.

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