By Laura Bunn (Reporter) and Lucas Latterell (Photojournalist)

“You know, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t run at all,” said Jordan Bergeman.

For Jordan Bergeman and his son Jeffrey, the time they spend together is more important than the time on the leaderboard. The duo runs with myTEAM TRIUMPH, which enables people with disabilities to participate in races, even for those who cannot run races themselves.

Using specialized racing equipment, the angel pushes the captain who provides the motivation at the heart of the team.

“It’s really about the relationships and we essentially as an organization bring people together and then give them the support and equipment, but it’s really their start line and their finish line, and their journey that they have. When they’re out in the race, it’s all up to them,” said Christian Jensen, executive director of the myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin team.

Jess Bergeman says running brings a lot of joy to Jeffrey’s life.

“It means the world to him. He lights up the whole time he’s out on the race course, he loves when people are cheering for him, just makes him feel really included,” Jess Bergeman said.

For Jordan, seeing the inclusion and community’s support for Jeffrey keeps him signing up for races.

“Almost any time that, you know, Jeffrey goes by, everybody is cheering for him and he just really gets to get included in a way that he doesn’t normally, you know, get to experience that. It makes it that much more special,” said Jordan Bergeman.

For the Badger Report, I’m Laura Bunn.