By: Laura Bunn (Photojournalist) and Lucas Latterell (Reporter)

Wisconsin Women’s Soccer has had a historical season, winning the outright Big Ten Championship for the first time since 1994. Team Captain Payton Wesley says that’s not just because of how they play on the field.

“What makes our team chemistry so strong is just the love that we have for each other, not only on the field, but off the field,” Wesley says.

But team chemistry isn’t the only reason the badgers have found success. Head Coach Paula Wilkins credits the team’s defensive play for helping them win games.

“I think, I know it’s such a coach cliché, but just the defensive presence and, and being able to defend together as a group,” Wilkins says. “You always say that defense wins championships. And I think this year that proved to we only give up four goals in the Big Ten.”

Despite being eliminated in the first round of the Big Ten tournament for the second straight year, Goalkeeper Jordyn Bloomer says the team is still ready for the upcoming NCAA tournament.

We get a little bit of extra time to rest up now as we’ve kind of had a really long last half of the season,” Bloomer says. “It’s been a lot on our bodies so I think a lot of our advantage is going to come from being able to rest and just refocus on ourselves and then get ready to take on another NCAA tournament run.”

The NCAA tournament bracket will be released on Monday, if selected for the national tournament, the Badgers will play in the first round that starts November 15th. For the Badger Report, I’m Lucas Latterell.

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