By Chris Zhang and Sasha VanAllen

The release of the UW-Madison Homecoming video sparked students of color to organize and protest their voices to be heard. Chris Zhang talks to student leaders on what they are hoping to accomplish.

Who are we sick of? We are sick of UW.

It is the call for revolution, banging on Bascom Hill and across the UW campus.

These students – are pushing for more inclusion after being excluded from the UW’s Homecoming video.

“The lack of action I guess it is taken in regards to students of color, its marginalized communities, has been disrespectful, it’s been abusive, it’s been laissez faire, like its always a back seat.”

Members of student involvement coalition wearing all black, demanding improvements for student equity. On the top of their list is public recognition for marginalized students.

“One of our demand we just said we want the same Homecoming budget as like the actual Homecoming.”

The group is hoping to see the demands to be met within the school year, actual movements to be implemented by next year.

“We want change because we are tired of the emails apologizing, we are tired of people talking, we want to see action.”

University officials acknowledged the requests and planned to review them, saying: “We are paying attention and we hear the demands and requests. Moving forward, we will continue to partner and collaborate with SIC and students, faculty and staff across campus to make UW a better community for all.”

Student leaders say they are meeting with officials later this week, to map out the next step.

For the Badger Report, I am Chris Zhang.

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