Reporter: Jenna Webster

Just like so many college hopefuls, Ethan Heckler was both excited and nervous about navigating the college search.

He was accepted to both UW-Madison and UW-Whitewater. Heckler was torn between the two as Madison was his dream school but due to financial restraints, he had to decide between affordability and his preferred school.

“I would have wanted to try and make Madison work. But as things had been looking, it wasn’t going to be a very realistic choice so I might have had to take a year off also.”

Thank to Bucky’s Tuition Promise, Heckler is almost finished with his first semester at UW-Madison.

The program covers the costs of tuition and fees for freshmen who are Wisconsin residents whose family’s annual gross income is $56,000 or under. This program allows students who would not otherwise be able to attend Madison to attend.

“As a state university it is very important that we provide higher education to anyone in the state who can be admitted here to UW-Madison.”

The program has already significantly impacted the lives of many students.

“I couldn’t believe a college could be able to do something like that, for one, or would be able to just like – a college this big being able to give so many students that kind of opportunity, it was just- I was speechless at the time.”

“We see all sorts of different reactions- all of them positive in the end. Sometimes at first there’s disbelief, especially when we’re talking about, you know, tuition being free for a four-year period of time for incoming freshmen. Families don’t want to believe it at first.”

The Bucky’s Tuition Promise program will continue to help incoming UW-Madison students in the Fall of 2019.


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