Last Thursday, the StartUp Learning Community hosted the 100-hour challenge, which tests students to pitch a prototype out of surplus materials.

“So if the chemistry lab doesn’t need their test tubes anymore, or the athletic department doesn’t need a pair of breezers from the hockey team, they’ll give it to UW,” StartUp Learning Community Director Sari Judge said.

The materials are provided by Surplus with a Purpose for students to take home. They then had until Monday to a submit a pitch video.

“Presentation can be as important as the prototype. And so sometimes it comes down to a really cleverly or artfully pitched three-minute video,” she said.

Judge said about 25 entrants were expected for this year’s contest. They will compete for 3 different titles: most revenue value, most social value and most creative. Each winning team will be awarded a $400 cash prize.

“These items are not used anymore,” said StartUp student Kasturi. “But then making something really inivative and creative out of it is really, I don’t know inspiring in a way.”

This year’s winners will be announced next Monday, but all contestants will have benefitted from the experience.

“It’s a great way to explore and ignite your creativity and realize that ideas can come from a bag of junk.”

For the Badger Report, I’m Jake Nisse.