Last week UW-Madison held a Diversity Forum, covering a wide range of social topics, including increasing diversity in STEM classrooms.

The panel asked the question “what can predominantly white institutions like UW do to transform STEM classrooms into more welcoming and inclusive environments.”

“So If we can increase the diversity of the faculty, if we can increase attitudes and behaviors of the faculty so that they engage in activities that create inclusivity you have the biggest impact.”

In order for UW to make these classrooms more inclusive, it has to change the attitudes and behaviors at the top of the organization.

Claudia Mosley, director for the Center of Education, looks at diversity in the classrooms and Madison in a bigger picture.

“I think when we think about w hen we think about diversifying classrooms and making them more inclusive, we have to think about our position in the world…If we are a global institution, then our perspectives in our classrooms should reflect our global society, right?

The forum wanted to make it known that incorporating students’ different perspectives and giving those perspectives an opportunity to be voiced in a classroom setting such as the one’s taken here in Wisconsin’s school of business is crucial, but at the end of the day it all comes down to choice.

“Basically, we want to create an environment where anybody’s dreams can come true with hard work and the right mentorship and taking the right courses, everybody has the same opportunity.”

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