Many local businesses have been affected by the Monroe Street construction. The Badger Report’s Owen Desai has more.

The City of Madison’s reconstruction of Monroe Street has been in development since 2014. Monroe Street Merchant Association Chair, Carol “Orange” Schroeder, advocated for local businesses in the initial plans.

“One of the things that we did was to convince the city of Madison to do it in one year instead of two years because we really thought a lot of businesses would not survive two years of being torn up.”

Construction began in March 2018, and since then businesses have experienced negative economic effects.

“As far as income, we definitely noticed a downturn. We expected it but it didn’t make it any easier. I would say 25 to 35 percent depending on the week”

Not only have merchants been affected by the closing of Monroe Street, but local residents have been impacted as well.

“Regent Street has ended up with, I think, the vast majority of the thru traffic. So we’ve noticed a big difference because we live in the neighborhood.”

While Monroe Street has lost some businesses, the merchants are looking forward to the end of the construction.

“In 2019 when things are back in one piece and the road is smoother and more beautiful than ever that we’ll get new businesses and be stronger than ever.”

Construction is set to be complete by mid-November of this year. For the Badger Report, I’m Owen Desai.

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