Athletic programs are often judged by team performance and in-game atmosphere.

And although the University of Wisconsin has been largely successful in both, recent efforts suggest there is still room to improve.

You may have already caught a glimpse of the university’s re-branded student section, better known as Area Red, if you went to a game at Camp Randall this year. The student section was alive and well on Tuesday night when the Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball team hosted for their first regular season game of the year, and Area Red was there to cheer them on.

Now, only time will tell if Area Red truly wins over the student body, but board member Ryan Weinkauf says the organization is designed to last.

“The mission of Area Red is to basically create a more unified organization between students and our student-athletes to make it feel like we are all a part of every sporting event.”

According to Weinkauf, Area Red already has future plans in place to try to build upon its current strengths.The group is looking to better incorporate catchy bleacher chants with the beats produced by its in-house DJ.

This is just one of the rebranding initiatives that longtime student season ticket holder Jason Walters says could make a difference.

“The old student section was kind of getting a little boring, and so I think it’s a way to conjure up some more excitement and school spirit among the fans.”

With a whole season of Badgers Basketball ahead, Weinkauf says Area Red will try to get students to the game and keep them there.

“It’s creating a whole experience that our students are really excited to be a part of and really just connecting our whole university better.”

For the Badger Report, I’m Jonathan Mills.

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