Fortunate enough to escape the gloomy Madison weather, members of the University of Wisconsin Water Ski Club soaked up more than just the sun last weekend. The team traveled to Texas, where they took part in the Connelly Collegiate Nationals competition.

Wisconsin’s second-place finish was a reflection of weeks of hard work, according to senior Gabby Taschwer.

“Everyone tried their best and we had some ups and downs, but so does every sports team and you just learn from them and hopefully carry that over to next season.”

The group’s Nationals performance was more than just a boost of confidence. Club Secretary Alaina Clague says the team’s recent success should help attract new members.

“We’re really hoping to use it as a point to get across to everyone that this is a club sport that competes and competes very well across the nation.”

Established in 1999, the club has since built a respectable pipeline of water-skiers and alumni. And although Taschwer encourages anyone who is interested to try the sport…she says a water-skier has a unique persona.

“Water-skiers are very outgoing, friendly and they just want to have fun. You won’t catch that personality in any other sport or person.”

Further, Clague sees the team’s developing and outgoing personality already making an impact.

“Although we don’t know necessarily how much the campus knows about us, I think we’ve gotten more recognition than we have in the past.”  

It may take time, but there certainly looks to be a positive ripple effect underway for current and future water skiers on campus.

For the Badger Report, I’m Jonathan Mills.

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