It’s that time of year again on campus as students rush to resign or look elsewhere for housing. The process is never easy and Ben Cross has an inside look at how its shaping up.

“They expect you to have something signed, on paper, by October 1st, which is just really crazy because you really don’t have a good sense of whether you like living in this kind of environment, whether this is where you can see yourself next year, stuff like that.”

That was Tommy Costello, a UW student and, because of a pen and paper, homeless after the current school year. Tommy is one of the many students in Madison that struggle with early off campus housing deadlines and is forced to sign a lease 11 months before ever living in the unit.

“In terms of that dynamic, that’s a really tricky situation to find yourself in because they want to sign their lease and get the liability off their hands, but you still need to decide whether it’s the right thing for you.”

“With how many new apartment buildings we got going on, that’s what everyones method of operation is. We’ll get anywhere from 30 to 40 showings a day.”

With only a few houses on the infamous Mifflin St and new apartments like the James, landlords have to push early deadlines to fill their leases and avoid lowering prices.

“I mean it’s a process that starts really early on in the lease period. I mean people just moved in August and we’re already asking them here, first week of October what their plans are.”

Midterms may have just begun, but the real test for students at UW-Madison comes in the form of a security deposit. Their score comes at a price, however, as it doesn’t just affect a semester, but a whole year. For the Badger Report, I’m Ben Cross

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