Madison, WI. LatinX students on campus gathered to discuss ways to create unity among each other at a Town Hall-style meeting. The group came to the conclusion that it needed to work on building a strong foundation in order to have a strong voice to be able to demand anything from the university.

“I would say there is a lot of disagreement among our own people, our own community. However, it can be built but right now it’s not because a lot of us don’t have time, a lot of us are focusing on other things, especially our own self-care in this environment and this climate,” said Ketzhally Lopez.

There are other students who believe the Latino organizations on campus need to put aside their differences and come together.

“There’s a lot of organizations here on campus and it seems like a lot of them were more doing their own little workshops and their own little thing and I think more now than ever it’s time for all of these people to just come together and work together,”  said Miriam Paiz.

Some Non-Latino students on campus have shown an interest in helping marginalized voices to be heard and are trying to be present.

“I am really glad I went even though it wasn’t my space to participate. I am just glad I got to hear what our LatinoX students are really concerned about and figure out if there’s any way that I can support constructive solutions moving forward,” said Gilly McBride.


Reporter: Rosario Dominguez

Photojournalist: Trina La Susa