MADISON, Wis.– In the college town of Madison, student organizations are working towards mobilizing the Millennial vote in Madison.

“Wherever there’s college towns you’ll see a lot more millennials going to the polls than in cities where they are more isolated whichever those may be,” political expert Fernando Subervi said.

One way the political organizations are mobilizing students is by encouraging early voting.

“We have been really pushing early voting for the past few weeks, we go door to door, knock doors, call people on our lists and we encourage people to get registered on the deadline,” Eliana Locke, the press secretary of the College Democrats of UW-Madison, said. “Early register was a couple weeks ago but you can still register at the polls. We make sure to tell people that.”

“In general if you’re a Republican or a Democrat you should vote because you should care about those issues. Millennials have a lot at stake in every election.We are a very apathetic generation and I think we could do better at showing up in the polls every election year,” vice chair of the College Republicans of UW-Madison Jake Lubenow said.

The College Democrats and Republicans are encouraging students to vote by doing door to door knocking, making calls, and holding forums where they talk about their differing positions on policy.

But one thing both groups agree on is the importance of getting out to vote.

Reporter: Rosario Domínguez

Photojournalist: Logan Reigstad

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