Fact Checking This Election Season

Reporter: Trina La Susa     PJ: Kyla Kaplan

With under two weeks until the presidential election, voters will hear plenty of statements from both candidates. But in this election, voters are getting some help in making decisions—fact checking.

After three presidential debates, UW students think candidate statements are more laughable than factual.

For voters that think candidates might be bluffing, there are media outlets such as “Politico,” “CNN,” and “Huffington Post” that provide a place for them to find the truth.

UW students think that the nature of the candidates make fact checking necessary.

“For now fact-checking is such a huge part of the campaign especially when you have two candidates that are a little crazy,” Adam Mumm, a UW undergraduate, said.

UW associate journalism Professor Mike Wagner said that because candidates are contradicting themselves, the public needs fact checking to know what’s true.

“I think it’s especially important this season because one of the candidates for presidency, Mr. Trump, seems perfectly willing to contradict himself whether it’s the day before or even the hour before, in some cases the minute before,” Wagner said.

Political science graduate student Elizabeth Sawyer says fact checking can be helpful, but voters should be aware political campaigns can use it to their advantage.

“The last two debates Hillary Clinton has taken time off to say go to the Clinton website and we have fact checkers by the hours like checking everything Donald Trump says by the hour. It’s like I’m not sure how objective a fact checker hired by a campaign is going to be,” Sawyers said.

Voters, make sure to do your own fact checking this election season.

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