MADISON, Wis.– Under cloudy skies and chilly temperatures, runners took to the streets of Madison for the 34th annual Crazylegs run/walk. Proceeds from the event benefit the UW Athletic Department.

Though the skies threatened rain, it held off long enough to give runners and walkers of the Crazylegs a dry run Saturday.

The lack of rain means runners stayed dry, at least during the race.

“We waited until the last minute to make sure it wasn’t going to rain. I did not come because of the beer,” said runner Carrie.

Many runners use that motivation to make it up what they say is the worst part of the race: Observatory Hill.

But if running five miles isn’t for you, people can still participate in the Crazylegs walk.

“It’s really cool because there’s people everywhere and we actually brought our selfie stick so that was a real big highlight for us. We got some really good pictures,” said Carrie.

First time Crazyleggers Emily and Joe just moved to Madison from Michigan.

“I was in town this weekend visiting her and was looking for things to do and came across this,” said Joe.

Many runners do it because of the fun atmosphere.

“Fans are cheering you on the whole time, and the band, and how much red there is and Badger pride,” said runner Kelly.

The National W Club hosts the event. They don’t know yet how much money was raised this year, but it will be more than last year because there were more participants.

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